In my writing, I describe personal experiences that will help students achieve academic success in engineering.


In my presentations, I convey results of my research and pertinent experiences of my full time and avocational career paths.


  • Erfolgreich studieren Ingenieurwesen: Die 6 Algorithmen für ein erfolgreiches Ingenieurstudium (Zum Buch)

  • Erfolgreich studieren Maschinenbau: Vom 1. Semester zum Master mit Auszeichnung (Zum Buch)


  • Lecture on Manufacturing Technologies II, Aachen, 2019
    Productivity and Profitability in Manufacturing

  • Conference on Competitve Manufacturing, Stellenbosch, 2019
    Presentation of an Innovative Methodology for the Planning of Changes in Manufacturing for Medical Products

  • Founders Crackerbarrel of the Aachen Entrepreneurship Team e. V., Aachen, 2018
    Time management for high performers with self-employment or founding as a side job